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The Catcher’s Performance Summary for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is the only piece of software, for any platform, that is built specifically to record a catcher’s defensive statistics during a game and throughout the course of a season. You can generate a report for any catcher, or team, based on any date range and email it to yourself, or the catcher, so that you can track his progress. This allows you to determine which areas your catcher is having success, and in which areas he needs to improve.

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Catchers do not get enough accurate feedback based on their defensive performance and the Catcher’s Performance Summary changes that. The Catcher’s Performance Summary will help any player, coach, or parent evaluate a catcher’s performance and give the most detailed and accurate feedback available!


*Blocks & Block per Game *Drops, and Drops per Game *Pass Balls, and PB/Game *Wild Pitches, and WP/Game *Stolen Base Attempts, and SBA/Game *Pop Times *Caught Stealing % *CERA (Catchers Earned Run Average) *Errors *Coaches Notes

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Step 1. Open Application
You will then briefly view the Splash Screen, and then be taken to the Home Screen.

Step 2. Enter all of your teams information
The first time you use the app you will want to enter all of your teams information (team name, all catchers, and all pitchers - this will save you time in the future).

Step 3. Start A New Game
To start a new game click on “New Game”. If you are tracking catchers on one team choose “Single Team”. If you are tracking catchers on opposing teams (can also be used for scrimmages or intra-squad games) choose “Versus Mode”. Then enter a Game Title and select the starting pitcher and catcher.

Step 4. Track Statistics
You can now track the catcher’s statistics! To add or subtract Blocks, Drops, Pass Balls, Wild Pitches, Earned Runs, or Errors press the “+”, or “-” next to the appropriate category. To advance the number of outs and inning press the green “+” in the top right corner. To pause a game press the pause sign in the top-center of the screen. To end a game, press the red “x” in the top left corner.

If you press “Steal Attempts” or “Game Notes” you will be taken to one of the above screens. To enter a game note simply type the note that you wish to include in the game report and press save. If a runner attempts to steal a base press which base they attempted to steal, choose Safe or Out, and enter a Pop Time (Pop Times are optional and do not have to be included). Then press “Save”.

Step 5. End the game
When the game is over you will be asked if the team Won or Lost (if you aren’t sure choose “NA”).

Step 6. Generate a report
From the Home Screen, go to the “Reports” menu. You will then be asked to choose a catcher or team on which to generate the report. You can also choose which game, or date range, that you would like to generate the report for.

Step 7. View statistics
You can now view the statistics based on the information that you chose.

Step 8. Back up all your statistics by syncing your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your computer
You will then briefly view the Splash Screen, and then be taken to the Home Screen.

Block - A pitch that is thrown in the dirt by the pitcher and the catcher uses his/her body to keep it from going past them.

Drop - A pitch that hits the catcher’s mitt and is not caught.

Wild Pitch -An erratic pitch that the catcher is not expected to stop that allows a runner to advance to the next base.

Pass Ball - A pitch that the catcher was expected to handle, but did not, and allows a runner to advance to the next base.

Earned Run - A run that is scored without the aid of an error.

Error - A play in which a fielder misplays a ball

What will this app do for me?
Your catcher(s) will improve because they are getting the most detailed and accurate feedback available!

Is there a monthly fee?
No. Once you purchase the CPS you have it forever!

Want to see the app in action?
Click HERE to view the video tutorial and read the user guide.

How do I buy Catcher’s Performance Summary?
The CPS app is available exclusively through the iTunes App Store.

If you have any questions or commnents about Cathchers Performance Summary App, please contact us by email and we will get back to you shortly.

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P.O. Box 6824
Louisville, KY 40206